A worldwide network of volunteer-led coding clubs for children aged 7-13

The mission of Code Club is to give every child in the world the chance to learn to code by providing project materials and a volunteering framework that supports the running of after-school coding clubs

How to create a club

Help us inspire the next generation by running a Code Club. Get in touch with your local school, library or community centre to volunteer for an hour each week. Check out our tips for running a club, and register yours to receive access to our projects and club resources.

Over 8000 clubs worldwide!

Register your Code Club and join the movement

Register your club to receive access to our club resources with certificates, door sign and badge templates.

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Teaching materials

The Code Club projects are step by step guides for children to follow to create animations, games, websites and much more. Children will build up their programming skills as they move through the projects, and challenges provide opportunities to demonstrate and apply what’s been learnt. Our projects cover Scratch, HTML & CSS and Python.

If our curriculum is not available in your native language, you can help translate our projects to make them accessible to even more children around the world. You can also submit changes to a project that you’d like to see improved. These contributions can all be made via our Github profile, where you’ll also find instructions on how to contribute. If you aren’t familiar with Github, you can also look at our guidelines to contribute here.

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How to create a community in your country

Would you like to establish a community in your country and take charge of growing Code Club activities in your region? We are on a mission to put a Code Club in every community in the world, and we are always looking for the right people to join our community as Country Coordinators. We already have a Code Club community in almost a dozen countries, but there are at least 180 more countries and territories to go before we have a national support team in all the countries of the world.

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