Become a Local Partner

Partner with us to build and develop a Code Club community in your country, generating impact on a local and international level.

Running a Code Club community is a challenging and rewarding task. You will be at the forefront of a powerful global movement, improving the skills, knowledge and confidence of thousands of children in your country, and around the world.

“Code Club is helping Brazilian children to gain new perspectives about technology, and giving them opportunities to use creativity to do amazing things. Children are having fun learning to code and bringing life to characters from their imagination.”

Felipe Fernandes, Code Club Brazil

Requirements/characteristics of a local partner

  • Experience of working with young people in an education scenario.
  • Proven track record of recruiting and managing volunteers.
  • Strong knowledge of the technology and education sectors.
  • Fundraising and marketing expertise

Role of a local partner

  • Recruit and manage a community of volunteers.
  • Support those volunteers to establish and run code clubs.
  • Attend events, speak to corporations, local government and educator representatives about the importance of children learning to code.
  • Fundraise to cover programme costs.
  • Raise awareness of your community through marketing and promotion.
  • Monitor, evaluate and report the impact of your community.
Remember, if you are not yet an official local partner you cannot build a Code Club website, create a logo or secure any funding using the Code Club name. All in good time!

Application Process

Stage 1Pre-SelectionUp to 3 months
So you want to build a Code Club community in your country, and get more kids coding? Go you! Before you can apply, there are some steps to make sure you are ready.
  • You need to:
  • Be working for a registered NGO
  • Have access to volunteers and funding
  • Have a team in place to help you
  • Submit your expression of interest
  • We will provide:
  • Access to Code Club projects, so you can start a club
  • Case studies from Code Clubs existing local partners
Stage 2Application and Interview1 month
If you meet the requirements, you are ready to apply. Congratulations! This stage is all about looking forward, proving to yourself and to us that you are ready and equipped to build your community.
  • You need to:
  • Submit a full application
  • Draft a business plan
  • Attend an interview with the programme director
  • We will provide:
  • A template business plan
  • A support call with the Programme Manager
  • Code Club operations manual

Sign pilot agreement

Stage 3Training and Pilot6 months
Congratulations, you have been accepted onto the programme. You have a strong business plan, and you are ready to get yourself set up. Now is where the hard work really begins.
  • You need to:
  • Review and sign your contract
  • Submit final business plans
  • Create a Code Club website
  • Start building your Code Club community
  • Attend all online training
  • We will provide:
  • A template and guidance to build a Code Club website
  • Marketing and promotional materials
  • Access to a community management database
  • Support calls with the Programme Manager
  • Monthly community support calls with all our partners

Sign full launch agreement

Stage 4LaunchOngoing
You've made it! Your community is established. You've established your initial objectives. Now you can start to grow and create real, long term impact in your country, as well as helping to inspire and motivate the global Code Club community.
  • You need to:
  • Report community progress
  • Share learnings and success with the community
  • Play an active role in growing the global network
  • We will provide:
  • Monthly 1 to 1 and group support calls
  • Marketing and promotional materials
  • Fundraising and partnership introductions

Start a Club

Set up a Code Club and help young people in your country learn to code.

Translate our Projects

Help more children access our projects by translating them into your native language.