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Help us inspire the next generation of digital makers by establishing a Code Club

Code Clubs are weekly extra-curricular coding clubs for 9-13 year olds. Children learn to create games, animations and websites using our specially created resources, with the support of awesome volunteers. As a Code Club volunteer, you'll play a key part in helping children gain useful skills; not just in coding, but in problem solving, planning, designing and collaboration.

What you need

A volunteer
A venue
Code Club Projects

Why volunteer?

  • Running a club takes just 1 hour a week, so it's easy to start supporting young people in your community
  • No previous coding experience is needed
  • You'll gain great volunteering experience and transferable skills
  • As you work through the curriculum you can develop your own coding abilities

Why host?

  • Work with volunteers who want to run a club, but don't have a venue
  • Provide a safe space for kids to learn to code
  • Help give young people access to technology and resources they can't access elsewhere
  • Involve staff at your venue to support the Code Club and grow their coding skills

I'm ready to register

Once you have found a venue, volunteers and children to teach, all you need to do is register your Code Club! By registering your club you will:

  • Gain access to all our projects, resources and materials
  • Be able to connect with clubs and local partners in your country
  • Help us track the great work being done around the world

I'm ready to host

You work at a school, library or similar venue and want to use your space to host a Code Club, but still need a volunteer to help you. By registering as a venue host you will:

  • Be able to set your status as looking for a volunteer
  • Appear in our venue search, where volunteers searching for a club in your area can get in touch

I need a venue

Ready to volunteer at a Code Club, but don't have a venue? You can now search for Code Clubs near you who need volunteers. To find a Code Club venue in your area:

  • Click 'Find a venue'
  • Enter your location into the search box
  • Send messages to clubs near you (remember, you can contact as many clubs as you like!)
  • Find a club and start volunteering!

“As a recent computer science undergraduate, I have the opportunity to share my knowledge with young people in my community. These experiences have taught me how to tailor my approach to the students’ needs and effectively communicate concepts to a group: skills I know will serve me well in the future.”

Shohel Rana, volunteer at the Under Privileged Children’s Program Centre in Mirpur, Bangladesh

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Tips on Running Your Club

Find out our top tips for establishing and managing your Code Club.