Translate our Projects

Volunteer to translate our projects and help more children around the world learn to code in their native language

At Code Club we want to reach as many children across the world as we can, no matter what language they speak. Our volunteers have helped translate our projects into 30 languages, but we have a long way to go before we have a truly global curriculum.

Visit our project site to see which projects are already translated

Use the online platform Github to translate projects into your local language

Make Code Club projects accessible to children around the world

Translating our projects is a quick and easy way to support Code Club, with each project only taking between 2-3 hours. No prior tech knowledge is needed to be a translator and we'll support you with each step of the process!
If you are interested in translating, please email us at to find out more and receive full instructions.

Start a Club

Set up a Code Club and help young people in your country learn to code.

Become a Local Partner

Work with us to establish an official Code Club community in your country.