Thank you for your interest in joining the Code Club community! Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are currently only inviting new club registrations from teachers. If you’re a teacher, please register your club details and we’ll be in touch.

In the meantime, we're providing exciting opportunities for young people, parents, volunteers, and educators to get creative with tech through Digital Making at Home from the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Code Club Venue Hosts

Become a Code Club host to start a Code Club in your school, library, museum, or community venue with the help of volunteers from your local area.

“The more I involve young people with coding, the more I discover how enthusiastic and innovative they can become. Their curiosity should never be taken for granted! Running a Code Club is a wonderful experience.”

Muhumuza Faizo, Code Club volunteer at a community centre in Uganda

The Basics

Code Club provides free projects and resources for you to run a Code Club for children aged 9-13 in your venue.

You can connect with volunteers in your local area through our site, or you can work with a volunteer that you already know from your community.

Most clubs run for an hour a week with around 15 young people, but this is flexible. We provide resources and projects to allow you to run the club in the way that suits you and your venue.

There are some essentials that we ask of all venue hosts:

  • Code Clubs must always be free
  • Check that your venue has the necessary insurance
  • Get parental permission for every child who will be attending the club
  • Work with volunteers to ensure they have the necessary local security checks to work with children, before starting your Code Club
  • Ensure that volunteers are supported in using your venue

Get Started with Code Club

Step 1: Register your venue on our website. You will receive an email directly after registering explaining how to verify your club - you'll need to do this before you get started!If you are based in the UK, USA or Ireland, you'll need to head to to register your venue.

Step 2: Once your are registered as a venue host, volunteers will be able to search for you through our search tool. Make sure to check your inbox regularly for responses and to continue searching locally for volunteers.

Step 3: When a volunteer contacts you, arrange a time to meet and discuss the details of your club.

Step 4: Make sure your volunteer(s) have complied with local law and completed necessary security checks to work with children. We strongly recommend that everyone involved in running your club completes our free e-learning safeguarding module before getting started.

Step 5: Log in to your profile and set yourself as no longer looking for a volunteer - this will take you off our search page.

Step 6: Use the free Code Club projects, which are step-by-step guides for the children to follow, to run the club sessions.

Please note, we cannot guarantee a volunteer in your area will be in touch. Increase your chances of finding a volunteer by advertising locally that you would like to start a Code Club.

How Code Club will support you

Our team are here to support you on your journey to becoming a Code Club volunteer:

  • Based in a country with an official Code Club community? Speak to your local team and meet them at events in your country
  • Email us at [email protected] for support
  • Talk to us via Twitter or Facebook
  • Our FAQs page is also full of useful information

Once you have found a volunteer your Code Club will have access to even more benefits, including:

  • Downloadable resources to help you run your club, such as certificates, registers, and posters
  • Updates about new projects and resources straight to your inbox
  • The chance to participate in competitions and enter prize draws to win goodies for your club

It's important that Code Clubs provide safe and fun spaces for children to learn. Please take a few moments to read our page on how to work with children safely.

Spread the word

There is more than one way to find a volunteer. Put up this poster to advertise.

Translate our Projects

Help more children access our projects by translating them into your native language.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Check out the answers in our FAQs.