Thank you for your interest in joining the Code Club community! Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are different restrictions in place across the world. Please follow the appropriate public health advice for your country or region before planning in-person club sessions.

If you are ready to start an in-person club soon, then please register your club details and we will be in touch.

If you’re not able to start your club in person yet, there are many other ways that you can get involved in the meantime. Check out the exciting opportunities for young people, parents, volunteers, and educators to learn and get creative with technology through Digital Making at Home from the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Support Us

It is our core belief that every child should have the chance to learn to code no matter what their financial situation, this is the reason that Code Club is free and open.

Code Club International is a not for profit organisation funded by donations from the public. We’ll use funding to create more materials for you to teach with and create a team that support those that lead Code Club communities in their own countries.